19 May
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Bottegas: Where Art, Authentic Neapolitan Cuisine, and Fine Wines Meet in Warsaw
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Immerse yourself in a captivating fusion of art, authentic Neapolitan cuisine, and a curated selection of fine wines at Bottegas. Located in the heart of Warsaw, this Italian restaurant is renowned for its original Neapolitan pizza, delectable pasta, and exceptional wine offerings. Join us on a sensory journey that marries culinary excellence with artistic expression.

Neapolitan Delights and Fine Wine Selection at Bottegas:

Bottegas takes pride in preserving the art of Neapolitan cuisine, serving up delectable pizzas that transport you to the streets of Naples. From the classic Margherita with San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella to unique combinations like the Quattro Formaggi or Diavola, each bite is a celebration of Italian culinary heritage. Pair your meal with a selection from Bottegas' extensive range of fine Italian wines, chosen to complement the flavours and enhance your dining experience.

Artistic Fusion at Bottegas:

Experience a harmonious convergence of culinary excellence and artistic expression at Bottegas. The restaurant hosts captivating art events, showcasing the works of talented artists such as Natalia Jozwiak. As you relish your Neapolitan pizza or savour the rich flavours of their pasta dishes, you'll be surrounded by inspiring artworks, creating an immersive and memorable dining experience.

Discover the Visual Symphony:

Bottegas invites you to explore the world of art while enjoying their authentic cuisine. As you appreciate the flavours of Neapolitan pizza, pasta, and the delicate nuances of fine wines, Natalia Jozwiak's captivating artworks will stimulate your senses. Each visit to Bottegas is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a visual symphony that transcends boundaries and ignites the soul.

Natalia Jozwiak's Captivating Artworks:

Natalia Jozwiak's artistry captivated guests with its vibrant colours, playful use of color, and unique perspective. Her canvases depicted women in unconventional ways, characterised by unconventional shapes and allusions to Cubist movement. Jozwiak's artworks delve into the complexities of modern women, incorporating symbols such as chessboards, snakes, birds, and fish to explore emotional depths and values that challenge contemporary women. One of the highlights of the exhibition was the artwork titled "Polska jest kobietą" (Poland is a Woman), inspired by the Black March of 2020. With somber tones, Natalia emphasised her anger and the profound impact of those events. Fearless in her exploration of femininity and sensuality, Jozwiak often portrays naked breasts as a representation of feminine allure. She enriches her paintings with various elements such as arches, parrots, fish, balloons, and feminine accessories like shoes and handbags, highlighting the strength and warrior nature intrinsic to modern women. A recurring motif in her works is the chessboard, symbolising the duality of life.

A Night of Art with Natalia Jozwiak in Bottegas


Bottegas in Warsaw offers an unforgettable experience where art, authentic Neapolitan cuisine, and fine wines intertwine. Whether you're savouring their original Neapolitan pizza, indulging in delectable pasta dishes, or exploring their curated selection of fine wines, each visit is a sensory journey. Combined with the captivating presence of art exhibitions, such as the recent showcase of Natalia Jozwiak's artworks, Bottegas invites you to embrace the harmonious fusion of gastronomy and artistic expression. Immerse yourself in this culinary haven and indulge in the flavour’s, art, and ambiance that make Bottegas a truly exceptional destination.


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